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Mannequins


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Full Bodied Mannequins

On Show can help you out with all of your mannequins needs. Our mannequin inventory ranges from high-end designer mannequins for retail use, to basic mannequins for tradeshow and event rentals.

Mannequins are the perfect solution to display clothing. The accurate representation of the human body helps customers relate to and form a better image of how the garments will look and function when worn. Full body mannequins come in a variety of models and colours so as to ensure an effective visual impact.

On Show In fact has the perfect solution to display any conceivable product. Our clothing display solutions include but are not limited to clothing racks, hangers, body forms, full length mirrors, fabric steamers, plinths and pedestals.


Our Range Includes:

Female Mannequins

Male Mannequins

Children Mannequins

Baby Mannequins

Ghost Mannequins

Articulated Mannequins

Dressmakers Mannequins

Posed Mannequins


Dress Forms

Dress form mannequins are the perfect tool to display garment without the distraction of a full mannequin body.

Dressmakers form makes garment making and alterations easier.  It’s the only sure way of achieving a really professional look to garments, whether you’re making clothes for yourself or someone else. We offer professional sewing mannequins with adjustable sizing dials. Dress forms can also have a roller base which makes it easier to move around.

Sitting Mannequins

Enhance your retail store with our display mannequins in a sitting pose. On Show offers a range of sitting mannequins.

Eye catching – seated mannequin creates an alternative pose and interest to your displays.

 Full Round Mannequin Torsos

Free standing full round torso display. Durable heavy duty plastic form is an ideal display for t-shirts, sportwear and more.

There is a loop on the upper back area that will allow the

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torso to be hung

These Are Great For Organizing Clothing Collections, Retail Store Displays, Or Even Photographing Your Items For eBay

Hanging Torsos

Half forms with hollow backs.

Perfect to display products against a wall. Lightweight molded form with hanging mechanism.

We at On Show pride ourselves in delivering quality mannequins on time and at an affordable price.

You can choose from female mannequin, male mannequin, children mannequins, mannequin torsos and dressmakers mannequins.

Quality Large Format Printing Fast Delivery Australia wide in 3 to 5 days

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