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f8h, q, Trade Shows

Trade Shows

Trade shows Hire Brisbane

We approach your presence at a trade show like the advertising investment that it is.

Tradeshow Display Install in South Brisbane. On Show is Conveniently located 2 minutes from the Brisbane convention and entertainment centre. And we are here to help you in any way possible

If you need:- A place to deliver trade show stock or the display stand leading up to the event. A location close by for stock storage or as a base of operations.

  • Exhibition Furniture
  • Mannequins and clothing racks
  • Signs or

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    display materials or equipment

  • Plasma or LCD screens
  • Staging
  • AV equipment
  • Professional display and signage installers
  • Help with courier and logistic.Our in-house production services include:-
  • Vinyl text cutting and installation
  • Laminating and mounting services
  • Acrylic shape cutting and bending
  • Digital printing up to 3m wide

Tradeshow display installs is what we specialise in.

Please note Advertising Agencies and display and exhibition companies may be eligible for onseller discounts.

Remember On Show is the obvious choice in Brisbane.

Quality Large Format Printing Fast Delivery Australia wide in 3 to 5 days

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